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Mutations and Transgenics: Haffter et al., 1996
Allele Construct Type Affected Genomic Region(s)
b109 Small Deletion tnnt2a
b204 Translocation slc24a5
dt2 Unknown lof
dtc24 Point Mutation smad5
dti216c Point Mutation smad5
dtq270 Point Mutation gja5b
dtv43 Point Mutation cdh1
dtw28 Point Mutation gja5b
dty40 Point Mutation smad5
m134 Point Mutation tdgf1
m456 Point Mutation copa
ru848 Point Mutation chm
t3 Insertion sox10
t14m Unknown slc24a5
ta23 Unknown tig
ta29 Unknown otog
ta50 Unknown ddf
ta51b Unknown fub
ta51d Unknown hsd
ta51e Unknown slc6a9
ta51x Unknown way
ta52a Point Mutation racgap1
ta52b Point Mutation mib1
ta52e Unknown viper
ta53c Point Mutation pold1
ta56 Point Mutation sox32
ta65b Unknown kef
ta72a Point Mutation bmp2b
ta76b Unknown med12
ta81 Unknown qam
ta85c Unknown way
ta86a Unknown tur
ta86d Point Mutation glrbb
ta87 Unknown cco
ta90 Point Mutation frem2a
ta92 Point Mutation glrbb
ta94 Unknown cdc20
ta98 Point Mutation wnt5b
ta206 Unknown smad5
ta211 Unknown hkn
ta214 Unknown ccnb1
ta218 Unknown fapz
ta219 Unknown fn1a
ta221 Unknown mtc
ta222a Point Mutation dmd
ta229a Unknown hsd
ta229c Unknown mrd
ta229d Unknown lcl
ta229f Point Mutation cyfip2
ta229g Unknown slc6a9
tb8 Point Mutation cdh2
tb21 Point Mutation pax2a
tb22 Unknown hmcn1
tb202 Unknown pio
tb210 Point Mutation rerea
tb212 Unknown ric
tb213b Unknown kei
tb213c Unknown csf1ra
tb216 Unknown plt
tb218 Point Mutation kcnh6a
tb222b Point Mutation trim33
tb223 Point Mutation alas2
tb225 Unknown spi
tb233a Unknown sam
tb233b Unknown frem1a
tb233c Point Mutation adgrg6
tb237 Point Mutation sptb
tb241a Unknown mycbp2
tb241b Unknown stb
tb241c Point Mutation tll1
tb244c Unknown qam
tb244e Unknown tbxta
tb244f Unknown lama1
tc1 Unknown yug
tc7b Unknown fad
tc7c Unknown otog
tc8 Unknown hmcn1
tc11c Unknown ger
tc17 Unknown lama5
tc21 Unknown stas
tc22 Point Mutation pdhb
tc36 Unknown ctd
tc41 Unknown tbxta
tc205 Unknown ltk
tc222 Unknown fapz
tc225 Unknown notch1a
tc227a Point Mutation smad5
tc227b Unknown csf1ra
tc227d Unknown krm
tc228 Unknown frem1a
tc229 Unknown copb1
tc230 Unknown kon
tc232 Unknown lil
tc233a Unknown doc
tc234b Unknown atl
tc236a Unknown tur
tc239b Unknown trim33
tc239c Unknown notch1a
tc239d Unknown roc
tc240 Insertion vangl2
tc242a Unknown kei
tc244b Point Mutation kitlga
tc245a Unknown lama1
tc245c Unknown edi
tc246b Unknown trim33
tc248c Unknown cdh2
tc248f Unknown lama1
tc249a Unknown atp2a1
tc251 Unknown yob
tc256d Point Mutation hhip
tc257e Point Mutation eya1
tc257z Point Mutation slc17a6b
tc263a Point Mutation tll1
tc265z Unknown brd
tc271b Unknown wnt5b
tc271d Unknown kcnj13
tc276a Unknown qua
tc276c Unknown pio
tc280b Point Mutation frem1a
tc288b Unknown web
tc288c Unknown era
tc288d Unknown erbb3b
tc289 Unknown ddf
tc294z Unknown ptch2
tc300a Point Mutation bmp2b
tc300b Point Mutation tnnt2a
tc310 Unknown tur
tc311 Unknown spok
tc317a Unknown otog
tc318a Unknown stas
tc318d Point Mutation slc8a1a
tc321 Point Mutation pkd2
tc322a Unknown spi
tc322b Unknown notch1a
tc326b Unknown spi
td9 Unknown tar
td11 Unknown sto
td14 Unknown pek
td15 Point Mutation kcnj13
td204a Unknown copa
td204e Point Mutation furina
td204g Unknown otog
te1a Unknown mlk
te1c Unknown wnt5b
te207 Unknown zin
te214 Unknown dim
te216 Point Mutation slc11a2
te217 Unknown frem1a
te220 Unknown csf1ra
te223 Unknown lamc1
te226a Point Mutation rb1
te228 Unknown buf
te234 Unknown lamb2
te237 Unknown kita
te239 Unknown copb1
te242 Unknown extl3
te250 Small Deletion mycbp2
te256 Unknown pup
te262c Unknown ndr2
te262d Point Mutation fras1
te267 Unknown fam
te273 Point Mutation s1pr2
te275 Insertion mycbp2
te279 Unknown mycbp2
te284 Point Mutation robo2
te292a Unknown spi
te295 Unknown ltk
te296c Unknown ham
te296f Point Mutation otog
te300 Unknown ltk
te301 Unknown slc6a9
te305 Unknown tur
te314a Point Mutation tbx6
te314b Point Mutation musk
te317 Unknown cdc20
te326 Unknown tyr
te333 Unknown lamc1
te335 Unknown hmcn1
te345 Unknown trim33
te347 Unknown spi
te350 Unknown dns
te352 Unknown sug
te356a Unknown rec
te370a Point Mutation gli1
te370b Unknown frem1a
te370f Unknown edar
te374 Unknown spb
te376 Unknown mycbp2
te378 Unknown robo2
te380 Unknown pun
te381b Unknown slc8a1a
te382a Point Mutation fbn2b
te382b Point Mutation pku300
tf4d Unknown ziz
tf4z Unknown mycbp2
tf5 Point Mutation bmp1a
tf18b Point Mutation disp1
tf21a Unknown lnd
tf21c Unknown pold1
tf31 Unknown slc45a2
tf34 Unknown csf1ra
tf41a Unknown spi
tf205 Unknown ext2
tf207c Unknown chrnd
tf207d Unknown gam
tf208 Unknown qam
tf209 Unknown lama1
tf215a Point Mutation tll1
tf215b Unknown lamc1
tf216b Point Mutation edn1
tf219 Point Mutation ndr2
tf220 Unknown ste
tf221 Unknown ban
tf222c Unknown tnd
tf229 Unknown kef
tf235 Unknown lama1
tf238b Unknown csf1ra
tf238c Unknown ltk
tf239 Unknown smf
tf242 Point Mutation glrbb
tf247 Point Mutation chata
tg1a Unknown cdh2
tg1b Unknown atl
tg2 Unknown mlk
tg5 Unknown mycbp2
tg14 Unknown fad
tg16 Unknown mrd
tg17 Unknown csf1ra
tg22a Unknown dld
tg22e Unknown spi
tg30 Unknown tut
tg203d Unknown otog
tg203e Point Mutation plcb3
tg208 Unknown sltn
tg210 Unknown lamb1a
tg211b Unknown bri
tg211c Unknown vic
tg221 Point Mutation slc25a37
tg224a Unknown robo3
tg226c Unknown snt
tg226d Unknown pkd2
tg229 Unknown niv
tg230 Unknown sla
tg234 Point Mutation trim33
tg238c Unknown otog
tg239d Unknown qua
tg243 Unknown tdo
tg245a Unknown spi
tg248a Unknown wsh
tg249 Point Mutation dld
tg252 Unknown sml
tg254b Unknown hmcn1
tg265a Unknown mycbp2
tg271 Unknown slc24a5
tg280a Point Mutation slc25a37
tg283a Unknown csf1ra
tg287 Unknown hel
tg290 Unknown plk
tg293 Unknown spi
tg299b Unknown cdh2
tg299c Unknown tan
tg307 Unknown tur
tg308b Unknown frem1a
tg308c Unknown extl3
tg413 Unknown bum
tg414b Point Mutation slc12a2
tg418 Unknown spi
tg419 Point Mutation furina
th1 Unknown spi
th5b Point Mutation pold1
th6 Unknown disp1
th26 Point Mutation rapsn
th35b Point Mutation notch1a
th35c Unknown kita
th35d Unknown frks
th36a Unknown spi
th36b Unknown mycbp2
th42 Unknown bmp1a
th44 Point Mutation pax2a
th203 Unknown tip
th204a Unknown pep
th204b Unknown blc
th208 Unknown tdo
th209b Unknown lumpazi
th210 Point Mutation plcb3
th211 Unknown dharma
th219 Unknown ltk
th222 Unknown mycbp2
th234 Unknown buf
th236a Point Mutation pmela
th236b Unknown tur
th238 Point Mutation slc40a1
th239 Unknown sla
th241 Point Mutation atoh7
th257 Unknown mur
th260 Unknown spi
th271 Unknown tur
th274 Unknown stas
th278 Point Mutation wnt5b
th279b Unknown sps
ti1 Small Deletion tbx6
ti9 Unknown slc45a2
ti209 Unknown buf
ti224 Unknown pol
ti225 Unknown slc45a2
ti228b Unknown lamb1a
ti228e Unknown ind
ti230c Unknown otog
ti230g Unknown cyp26b1
ti240 Unknown get
ti245 Unknown fbxo5
ti251 Unknown ddf
ti262b Unknown tur
ti262c Point Mutation ahctf1
ti263a Unknown lamc1
ti263c Unknown ltk
ti265 Point Mutation wnt5b
ti272a Unknown lamc1
ti272c Unknown otog
ti272z Point Mutation robo2
ti274 Point Mutation dbt
ti279 Unknown spb
ti280 Unknown mat
ti282a Point Mutation fgf8a
ti282b Unknown bch
ti284a Unknown atp2a1
ti284b Unknown spi
tj2b Unknown itga3b
tj6 Unknown ddf
tj7 Unknown dmd
tj8 Unknown ccdc40
tj13 Unknown fac
tj16 Unknown fras1
tj19d Point Mutation chrnd
tj19e Unknown mac
tj20e Unknown slc45a2
tj201 Unknown leg
tj204 Unknown mrd
tj213 Unknown zwa
tj222 Point Mutation ptch1
tj223 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tj226 Unknown bri
tj227 Unknown spi
tj229a Unknown lamb1a
tj229e Unknown ltk
tj229f Unknown kei
tj236 Unknown mycbp2
tj241a Unknown dfd
tj241b Unknown wup
tj244 Unknown clx
tj245 Unknown kita
tj247 Unknown notch1a
tj250a Unknown cdh2
tj258a Unknown hmcn1
tj262 Unknown ednraa
tj270 Unknown spi
tk12 Unknown blr
tk13 Unknown yob
tk17 Unknown pio
tk18 Unknown ser
tk20 Point Mutation tyr
tk22 Unknown pun
tk33 Unknown spi
tk34a Unknown myo5b
tk38 Unknown myo5b
tk48d Unknown chrna1
tk49 Unknown tdo
tk50f Unknown vangl2
tk56a Unknown copb1
tk57 Point Mutation slc1a2b
tk62 Unknown pup
tk68b Unknown mrd
tk219a Unknown lama5
tk224 Unknown fad
tk232a Unknown edi
tk236 Unknown qua
tk241 Point Mutation noto
tk247 Unknown tur
tk254a Unknown win
tk256a Point Mutation adgrg6
tk258 Unknown ruz
tl17b Unknown lamb1a
tl17d Unknown hot
tl20b Unknown hot
tl20e Point Mutation tecta
tl21 Unknown brd
tl23 Unknown pep
tl25 Unknown stas
tl28a Unknown spi
tl28b Unknown hmcn1
tl28d Point Mutation gja1b
tl30 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tl33 Unknown tnd
tl35 Unknown edi
tl39 Unknown pun
tl41 Unknown brd
tl43b Unknown ctd
tl43c Point Mutation fn1a
tl203 Unknown tur
tl209 Unknown kik
tl215 Unknown ccdc40
tl225a Unknown hei
tl225b Unknown slw
tl226d Point Mutation koi
tl231 Unknown robo2
tl236 Unknown cab
tl240a Point Mutation cdx4
tl240c Unknown bli
tl241 Point Mutation csf1ra
tl245 Unknown edi
tl246a Unknown hmcn1
tm4 Unknown extl3
tm9a Unknown pup
tm11 Unknown copa
tm13 Point Mutation axin1
tm15a Point Mutation disp1
tm15d Unknown wir
tm17 Unknown awa
tm18a Unknown copb2
tm18b Unknown kita
tm26 Point Mutation meox1
tm28a Unknown sen
tm33 Unknown spi
tm40 Unknown nkl
tm41 Unknown tbx16
tm42b Unknown hmcn1
tm42c Unknown bri
tm42z Unknown brd
tm46a Unknown ltk
tm46y Unknown brd
tm48 Unknown atl
tm51 Unknown hmcn1
tm52 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tm55 Unknown lama5
tm57a Unknown stas
tm61 Unknown lamb1a
tm63a Unknown kita
tm63c Unknown fad
tm65 Unknown pet
tm68 Unknown hmcn1
tm70g Point Mutation extl3
tm70h Unknown rne
tm75 Unknown copa
tm79a Point Mutation dzip1
tm79b Unknown pew
tm79d Unknown mir
tm83a Unknown slc45a2
tm84 Unknown chrd
tm86 Unknown yoc
tm88a Unknown pup
tm88z Unknown mio
tm89 Unknown lamc1
tm90b Point Mutation eya1
tm90c Point Mutation dmd
tm94 Point Mutation cdh1
tm95b Point Mutation fras1
tm95c Unknown luc
tm98 Point Mutation dlc
tm101 Point Mutation cdh2
tm102c Unknown kita
tm110b Point Mutation acvr1l
tm111 Unknown bry
tm115 Point Mutation glrbb
tm117c Point Mutation foxn4
tm117d Unknown trp
tm118 Unknown tyr
tm121 Unknown men
tm123a Insertion smyd1b
tm123b Unknown sic
tm124 Unknown tll1
tm124a Point Mutation tll1
tm127b Unknown mah
tm127c Point Mutation fgf24
tm127d Unknown bum
tm130d Point Mutation slc25a37
tm130f Unknown coo
tm132c Unknown slm
tm132e Unknown wsh
tm138a Unknown ccdc40
tm138b Unknown qam
tm141 Unknown wsh
tm142 Unknown uns
tm143a Unknown spi
tm145 Point Mutation notch1a
tm146c Point Mutation scube2
tm146d Point Mutation sufu
tm147c Unknown hmcn1
tm154 Point Mutation cacna1ab
tm158 Unknown tur
tm201 Point Mutation hsp90aa1.1
tm205 Point Mutation ache
tm206 Unknown ache
tm208 Point Mutation tbx1
tm209 Unknown tur
tm220a Unknown lama1
tm221 Unknown slm
tm223 Unknown dld
tm228 Unknown kita
tm229 Point Mutation noto
tm235a Unknown stas
tm235b Unknown frem1a
tm236a Point Mutation gata5
tm236b Point Mutation csf1ra
tm243a Point Mutation pax2a
tm243c Unknown tur
tm245 Unknown stas
tm246b Unknown csf1ra
tm248 Unknown spi
tm267a Unknown lama1
tm267e Unknown tdo
tm271a Unknown ivy
tm272a Point Mutation lamb2
tm272b Point Mutation dcc
tm276b Point Mutation gli1
tm285 Point Mutation copb1
tm286 Unknown atp2a1
tm289 Unknown blo
tm292a Unknown tur
tm292b Unknown kor
tm297 Unknown blr
tm303a Unknown wat
tm303c Point Mutation epb41b
tm305 Point Mutation szl
tm314 Unknown tur
tm317a Point Mutation bmp1a
tm317c Unknown extl3
tm317d Point Mutation otop1
tm329 Unknown mic
tm335 Unknown rapsn
tm337c Unknown sbd
tm342 Point Mutation rnf121
tn3 Unknown hmcn1
tn8 Unknown dml
tn16 Unknown uni
tn207b Point Mutation mycbp2
tn209 Unknown byp
tn210 Unknown hmcn1
tn211 Unknown copa
tn213 Point Mutation mef2ca
tn215 Unknown mrd
tn217b Point Mutation tll1
tn218b Unknown atp2a1
tn222a Point Mutation ccdc103
to1 Unknown tyr
to2b Unknown obs
to2e Unknown sps
to4 Unknown sbl
to6 Point Mutation llgl2
to11 Unknown wei
to15b Unknown eya1
to15c Unknown bid
to15e Unknown notch1a
to16 Unknown ham
to20 Unknown bum
to27c Point Mutation myo18b
to27d Point Mutation slc12a2
to29 Unknown gja5b
to43 Unknown spb
to52b Unknown ghl
to75a Unknown pio
to75b Unknown kita
to102 Unknown tyr
to202 Point Mutation dlc
to216a Unknown lamc1
to216b Unknown tan
to216z Point Mutation slc35b2
to228 Unknown otog
to232 Unknown extl3
to236 Unknown otog
to237b Point Mutation ccdc40
to240 Unknown bed
to241a Unknown smyd1b
to241b Unknown qua
to255a Unknown tur
to255b Unknown edi
to260b Unknown aqb
to265 Unknown lama1
to273a Point Mutation atp1a1a.1
to273b MNV ext2
to273e Unknown hot
tp2 Unknown tdo
tp8 Unknown tdo
tp16 Unknown lamc1
tp17 Unknown otog
tp30 Unknown ivy
tp31 Unknown tdo
tp34 Point Mutation bmp1a
tp37 Point Mutation notch1a
tp39 Point Mutation prdm1a
tp41a Unknown hmcn1
tp41z Unknown brd
tp42 Unknown lamb1a
tp44 Unknown kita
tp49c Unknown puz
tp49d Point Mutation traf3ip1
tp61 Point Mutation urod
tp62 Unknown edi
tp66 Unknown frem1a
tp67b Unknown edi
tp67z Unknown extl3
tp71c Unknown csf1ra
tp71d Unknown balh
tp72g Unknown qua
tp72i Unknown mrd
tp72x Unknown atp2a1
tp82 Unknown lama1
tp85a Unknown pkd2
tp85b Point Mutation eya1
tp85c Point Mutation slc40a1
tp85d Unknown eso
tp86 Unknown lama1
tp89 Point Mutation pdhb
tp90 Unknown blr
tp93 Unknown zwa
tp94c Unknown fad
tp203 Point Mutation mycbp2
tp207 Unknown bmp1a
tp212 Unknown uns
tp218 Unknown ltk
tp219d Unknown pun
tp221 Point Mutation glrbb
tp223a Unknown blr
tp223b Unknown bst
tp226 Unknown frem1a
tq5 Unknown tbx16
tq206 Point Mutation atp2a1
tq207 Point Mutation hmcn1
tq209 Unknown atp5if1a
tq210 Unknown lama1
tq211 Unknown csf1ra
tq213b Unknown piru
tq213c Unknown mycbp2
tq213d Unknown hot
tq223 Point Mutation slc25a37
tq235c Unknown slp
tq236 Unknown ptch1
tq249b Unknown copa
tq250 Unknown dus
tq251 Unknown ghl
tq251e Unknown sah
tq251f Unknown hen
tq252 Point Mutation shha
tq253a Point Mutation pax6b
tq262b Unknown blr
tq265 Unknown rapsn
tq266a Unknown tin
tq266c Unknown frem1a
tq268 Unknown quh
tq274 Unknown hmcn1
tq277 Unknown tdo
tq279 Unknown ful
tq280 Unknown snp
tq285 Unknown cdc20
tq286b Unknown ziz
tq286e Unknown pip
tq289a Unknown sub
tq291 Unknown hez
tr3 Unknown hmcn1
tr6 Unknown sum
tr12 Point Mutation unc45a
tr13 Unknown spi
tr15 Unknown hph
tr203 Unknown lama1
tr206b Unknown lama5
tr216e Unknown adgrg6
tr217 Point Mutation slc4a1a
tr219 Unknown gre
tr221z Unknown woe
tr222b Unknown copb2
tr222d Unknown aoi
tr230b Point Mutation cyfip2
tr233 Point Mutation dld
tr240 Point Mutation frem1a
tr241 Point Mutation sfpq
tr254a Unknown jam
tr254b Unknown stas
tr255 Unknown wsh
tr256 Unknown drp
tr259 Unknown lama1
tr265 Point Mutation slc4a1a
tr274 Unknown fras1
tr276 Unknown edi
tr278 Unknown copb1
tr279 Unknown csm
tr281 Unknown sin
tr282 Unknown slc45a2
tr284 Unknown sch
ts18 Point Mutation cdh1
ts23 Unknown blc
ts25 Point Mutation cacnb1
ts29 Unknown chrnd
ts32 Unknown led
ts33a Unknown lamc1
ts33b Unknown olp
ts39 Unknown tur
ts41 Unknown pio
ts208 Unknown mycbp2
ts209 Unknown otog
ts210 Unknown spi
ts213 Point Mutation tfap2a
ts215 Unknown buf
ts225 Unknown trl
ts239 Unknown dcc
ts242a Unknown kei
ts246 Unknown buf
ts254 Unknown sky
ts260 Unknown tbxta
ts269 Point Mutation gli1
ts276e Unknown kei
ts277 Unknown ccdc40
ts284 Unknown otog
ts286 Unknown plod3
ts292b Unknown sin
ts292e Unknown pch
ts292f Unknown mpt
ts294e Point Mutation dzip1
ts299c Unknown her
tt202 Unknown doc
tt203a Point Mutation tll1
tt206 Unknown lama1
tt208 Unknown slm
tt209b Unknown hen
tt221 Point Mutation myo5b
tt225 Unknown tur
tt227b Unknown hem
tt231 Unknown hmcn1
tt232 Unknown edi
tt239 Unknown fbn2b
tt245 Unknown tdo
tt250 Point Mutation chrd
tt253 Unknown sne
tt254a Unknown csf1ra
tt258 Unknown doc
tt261 Point Mutation pigk
tt269 Unknown ase
tt272a Unknown tur
tt272b Unknown otog
tt279b Unknown sml
tt281 Point Mutation col1a1a
tt286b Unknown hem
tt286c Unknown eps
tt288 Unknown nob
tu12 Unknown exp
tu21 Point Mutation ccnb1
tu24 Point Mutation gon4lb
tu25a Unknown spi
tu25f Point Mutation tfr1a
tu27a Unknown hmcn1
tu29a Point Mutation pax2a
tu29c Unknown blr
tu43 Unknown sll
tu44a Unknown fub
tu44c Point Mutation hsp90aa1.1
tu45 Unknown dul
tu214 Unknown disp1
tu216 Unknown tur
tu228d Unknown spi
tu235a Unknown spi
tu236 Unknown atp1a1a.1
tu244b Unknown trim33
tu244c Unknown byp
tu247 Unknown stas
tu248 Unknown hen
tu255a Unknown bob
tu255b Unknown str
tu255e Unknown pold1
tu269 Unknown bri
tu271 Unknown fech
tu274 Unknown ghl
tu275 Point Mutation epb41b
tu285 Point Mutation tbx1
tv4 Unknown edi
tv9b Point Mutation tll1
tv10 Unknown mlk
tv36 Unknown lama1
tv41 Unknown mrd
tv42z Point Mutation lhx2b
tv46 Unknown qua
tv49b Unknown hot
tv53a Point Mutation foxa2
tv59y Unknown brd
tv60a Unknown tdo
tv205a Point Mutation plod3
tv205b Unknown cot
tv205c Small Deletion cdx4
tv212 Unknown ednraa
tv214b Unknown tur
tv215 Unknown pup
tw2 Point Mutation sox10
tw3b Unknown atp1a1a.1
tw11 Point Mutation sox10
tw24 Point Mutation extl3
tw25a Unknown qam
tw25e Point Mutation ext2
tw29c Unknown stw
tw33 Unknown coo
tw37 Point Mutation sox9a
tw38f Point Mutation glrbb
tw38g Unknown ctd
tw204 MNV robo3
tw212b Point Mutation dlc
tw212d Unknown bru
tw215 Unknown sin
tw216b Unknown cos
tw220a Unknown myh6
tw220c Point Mutation rerea
tw224 Unknown otog
tw234b Unknown hmcn1
tw239 Unknown notch1a
tx3 Unknown blr
tx201 Insertion notch1a
tx209 Point Mutation robo3
tx218 Point Mutation atp1a1a.1
tx221 Unknown lamb1a
tx223 Unknown smad5
tx226 Point Mutation wnt11f2
tx230 Point Mutation cdh1
ty6d Unknown van
ty7 Unknown kcnj13
ty7a Unknown spi
ty9 Unknown ltk
ty17a Point Mutation gli2a
ty18 Unknown luc
ty20 Unknown atp2a1
ty22b Point Mutation pax2a
ty30 Unknown pkd2
ty31a Point Mutation pax2a
ty32a Unknown spi
ty32b Unknown pol
ty33 Unknown spi
ty41 Unknown qam
ty44a Unknown wir
ty44d Unknown yob
ty54a Unknown spi
ty54z Point Mutation boc
ty57 Unknown trim33
ty58 Unknown hmcn1
ty60 Unknown disp1
ty63 Unknown slt
ty68a Point Mutation bmp7a
ty68b Point Mutation foxh1
ty69 Point Mutation bmp1a
ty70 Unknown ltk
ty71 Unknown sic
ty76 Point Mutation pold1
ty77e Point Mutation slbp
ty78 Unknown spi
ty79 Unknown tyr
ty82 Point Mutation ltk
ty85b Unknown los
ty85d Unknown rb1
ty86a Unknown atl
ty86b Unknown cco
ty86d Point Mutation kcnk5b
ty89 Unknown blc
ty91 Unknown brd
ty97 Point Mutation scube2
ty103z Unknown brd
ty105b Unknown plk
ty107 Unknown fet
ty111 Unknown get
ty112 Unknown sla
ty118b Unknown tbr
ty119 Point Mutation gli2a
ty120 Unknown stas
ty121 Point Mutation alas2
ty122 Unknown kas
ty123 Unknown spi
ty124b Unknown hmcn1
ty124d Unknown pol
ty127 Unknown wan
ty130a Point Mutation tll1
ty130b Point Mutation mycbp2
ty130d Unknown sin
ty130e Unknown spi
ty213 Unknown slc24a5
ty219a Unknown spi
ty219c Point Mutation krit1
ty230 Unknown copb1
ty236a Unknown kap
tz209 Point Mutation szl
tz212 Unknown lamb2
tz214c Unknown bxe
tz216 Point Mutation wnt11f2
tz226 Unknown copb2
tz227b Unknown stas
tz245 Unknown frem1a
tz252 Unknown bmp1a
tz253 Unknown edi
tz256 Unknown otog
tz257 Point Mutation tdgf1
tz259 Unknown stf
tz262a Unknown tod
tz264 Unknown cot
tz268 Unknown tur
tz276 Unknown trim33
tz290 Unknown plod3
tz310b Point Mutation scube2
tz310c Point Mutation trpm7