ZebraShare is intended to help establish fruitful collaborations by sharing mutant fish lines, and information about these mutants, particularly when authors do not otherwise see a clear path to publication.

About ZebraShare

ZebraShare is intended to help researchers form collaborations that put carefully constructed mutant lines to good use, augmenting sharing resources available through other services (i.e. ZIRC). ZebraShare is intended for researchers that wish to advertise and share high quality mutants that laboratories are not currently pursuing such as those having no observed phenotype. Contribution via ZebraShare does not constitute a publication, and labs of origination maintain full rights to the lines they generate. For instance, after listing fish on ZebraShare labs may decide to pursue these lines again. If fish lines are shared through ZebraShare there is an explicit expectation that collaborating labs will discuss appropriate authorship if research culminates in presentations or publications.

To promote sharing of high quality lines, we ask that users only contribute lines with a confirmed lesion, carried to at minimum the F2 generation. This is not, for instance, a database for sharing tested CRISPRs. Other resources are already available for this (e.g. CRISPRz).

Why do we invite data about wild-type looking fish? First, we invite data about a-phenotypic mutants to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. Second, we think this data is important because it can reveal information about a gene's requirements. Finally, understanding which single genes seem dispensable can help researchers hone in on the genes or gene-combinations which are most important to pattern tissues.

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