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Contact Person: diCicco, Hannah
Email: hdicicco@enders.tch.harvard.edu
URL: http://zon.tchlab.org
Address: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Division of Hematology/Oncology Children's Hospital Enders 7 300 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115 USA
Country: United States
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During vertebrate development, ventral mesoderm is induced and specified to form hematopoietic stem cells and later, proliferation and differentiation of the progenitor populations occurs. We executed an expression cloning screen for stem cell inducers of Xenopus by creating a cDNA library just prior to initiation of GATA-1 transcription. This library was segregated into pools, which were injected into embryos at the 1 cell stage. 48 hours later, embryos were scored for excessive blood formation. One pool produced the gene PAX-like Mix.1, which is a homeobox gene that is activin and BMP4 inducible. Mix.1 can transform dorsal mesoderm, which normally would become muscle, into blood. In the zebrafish, we have utilized genetics to define genes that are required for hematopoietic stem cell induction. We have 20 complementation groups of mutants that encompass 4 with stem cell defects, 8 with proliferation problems, 6 with globin expression defects, and 2 with porphyria. We are in the process of position cloning genes in the zebrafish that are represented by these mutants. Isolation of these genes should improve our understanding of hematopoietic stem cell induction during vertebrate embryogenesis.

Zhou, Yi Post-Doc diCicco, Hannah Administrative Staff Albacker, Colleen
Al-Green, Nicole Bai, Xiaoying Barut, Bruce
Beltre, Rosanna Bourque, Caitlin Boyer, Leah
Burke, Christopher Chatterton, Maria Chaudhry, Wahaj
Datta, Sumon de Jong, Jill DiBiase, Anthony
Dovey, Michael Hsia, Nelson Huang, Emily
Keefe, Matthew Kent, Christine Le, Xiuning
LeBlanc, Jocelyn Lord, Allegra McCollum, Artie
Opara, Praise Paffett-Lugassy, Noelle Pfaff, Kathleen
Rooke, Rebecca Schlaeger, Thorsten Sessa, Anna
Song, Anhua Storer, Narie Taylor, Alison
van Rooijen, Ellen Weber, Gerhard Zhang, Li-Kun

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