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ZFIN Data Reports from: 30 Sep 2014

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ZFIN data reports are updated every day of the week at 10:10pm PST with the exception of the externally hosted files. The format for each file is described below. All files use tab as the field delimiter. The 'Download File' link will display the file in your browser. Click the download button to save the file onto your local system (includes timestamp and header info). If you choose to link to a ZFIN data page from your web site, append the ZFIN ID to the URL
for the 'shha' gene. Please direct questions or requests for additional data to ZFIN.
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w Header
Column Headers File Size Number of Records
Anatomical Ontologies Zebrafish Anatomy Term
207 KB 2,896
Zebrafish Anatomy Term Relationships
171 KB 5,493
Zebrafish Anatomy Term Synonyms
141 KB 2,674
Zebrafish Development Stage Terms
315 KB 13,380
Zebrafish Stage Series
2 KB 45
Antibody Data Antibodies
131 KB 1,641
Antibody Expressions in wild-type
283 KB 5,084
Fish Fish Components
10 MB 64,048
Gene Expression Expression data for wildtype fish
25 MB 160,192
Expression Environment Description
589 KB 9,290
Expression Experiment-Figure
15 MB 269,769
Zebrafish Gene Expression by Stage and Anatomy Term
24 MB 260,354
ZFIN Antibody Expression Assay Records
1 MB 8,467
ZFIN Genes with Expression Assay Records
9 MB 79,623
Genetic Marker Relationships Genetic Marker Relationships
10 MB 95,114
Genetic Markers Genetic Marker
9 MB 148,482
Previous ZFIN IDs
(includes former and current ZFIN IDs for merged data)
1 MB 33,224
SNP Data
135 MB 2,370,287
Genomic Feature Data All Genomic Features
4 MB 39,782
Construct Components
1 MB 8,660
Genomic Features and their affected genes
(alleles, deficiencies, translocations)
2 MB 25,151
Transgenic Insertions
2 MB 27,207
Genotype Data Genotype Backgrounds
439 KB 7,398
Genotype Features
3 MB 22,265
Genotype Features (removed or displaced genes)
20 KB 215
Genotype-Publication relation
1 MB 35,208
Image Data Image-Figure translations
Note: Images are not provided due to copyright restrictions
4 MB 91,443
Knockdown Reagent Data CRISPR
8 KB 59
1 MB 6,979
25 KB 185
Mapping Data Mapping Data from the 6 Zebrafish Mapping Panels
1 MB 26,654
Orthology Data Drosophila and Zebrafish Orthology
5 KB 59
Human and Zebrafish Orthology
1 MB 15,294
Mouse and Zebrafish Orthology
1 MB 12,603
Phenotypic Zebrafish genes with Human Orthology
108 KB 2,540
Phenotype Data Genotype-Figure relation
829 KB 22,570
Genotypes with Phenotypes
12 MB 87,240
Genotypes with Phenotypes
18 MB 84,379
Phenotype Environment Description
616 KB 10,180
Phenotype for Zebrafish genes with fin phenotype
260 KB 1,039
Phenotype for Zebrafish genes with Human Orthology
3 MB 33,406
Phenotype of Zebrafish Genes
16 MB 68,426
Previous Names Previous Names
9 MB 131,908
Publications Gene-Publication relation
18 MB 332,999
ZFIN Bibliography
4 MB 17,260
ZFIN Marker IDs / UniProtKB IDs to ZFIN Pub IDs & PubMed IDs
4 MB 67,285
ZFIN Publication IDs: ZFIN IDs to PubMed IDs
556 KB 21,402
Sequence Coordinates Assembly: Ensembl
8 MB 56,754
Complete Assembly Clones: Ensembl
3 MB 33,167
Transgenic Insertion: ENSEMBL
2 MB 15,223
ZFIN Genes with Antibodies: Ensembl
62 KB 584
ZFIN Genes with Expression: Ensembl
1 MB 9,740
ZFIN Genes with Phenotype: Ensembl
266 KB 2,464
ZFIN Genes: Ensembl
3 MB 21,390
ZFIN Morpholinos: Ensembl
530 KB 4,530
Sequence Data Transcripts
4 MB 48,358
ZFIN Gene IDs indirectly and directly associated with Sequence Accessions via cDNA & EST
4 MB 96,216
ZFIN Gene IDs indirectly associated with Sequence Accessions via cDNA & EST
1 MB 41,497
ZFIN Marker associations to Ensembl IDs
(Only associations with 1:1 relationships between ZFIN marker IDs and Ensembl IDs are stored in ZFIN. All associations can be obtained using BioMart
1 MB 19,705
ZFIN Marker associations to GenBank sequence data
5 MB 120,985
ZFIN Marker associations to GenPept protein data
2 MB 44,786
ZFIN Marker associations to InterPro protein data
129 MB 2,714,542
ZFIN Marker associations to NCBI Gene data
1 MB 22,458
ZFIN Marker associations to RefSeq sequence data
3 MB 65,353
ZFIN Marker associations to Sanger Vega data
2 MB 35,114
ZFIN Marker associations to UniGene sequence data
934 KB 20,790
ZFIN Marker associations to UniProt protein data
2 MB 49,797
Wildtype Lines Wildtype Lines
1006 bytes 29
ZFIN Identifiers ZFIN Identifiers
18 MB 218,290

Externally Hosted Files:

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Category Description External Source File Name Update Frequency Format / Header
Gene Ontology Data Gene Ontology (GO) Annotations of Zebrafish Markers
(see also GO Annotation File format at the Gene Ontology Consortium) gene_association.zfin.gz weekly
Anatomical Ontologies Zebrafish Anatomical Ontology in OBO Format Obofoundry zebrafish_anatomy.obo monthly OBO file format