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Figures for Viktorin et al., 2009


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Fig. 4 A-R: emx3 morpholino injection specifically reduces expression of dorsal telencephalic marker genes. A-D′,G-N′: Expression of tcf4l (A-A′) in the dorsal telencephalon is lost, and expression domains of atoh2b (B-B′), neurod (C-C′), elavl4 (D-D′), slc17a6 (G-G′) slc17a6l (H-H′), dlx2a (I-I′, only the domain between asterisks), lhx5 (J-J′), pax6a (K-K′), emx1 (L-L′), are reduced in emx3 morpholino antisense oligonucleotides (MO) injected embryos compared with control embryos. More broadly expressed neuronal differentiation markers elavl3 (E-E′) and reln (F-F′) show little or no apparent difference between controls and emx3MO injected embryos. fezf2 (M-M′) expression is reduced only in the more intense expression domain adjacent to the olfactory placodes (dotted lines), but unchanged in the ventricular zone. Ventral telencephalic expression domains (dlx2a, I-I′, fzd8a, N-N′; fgf8a, Q-Q′; foxg1, R-R′) are unaffected by emx3MO injections, as are diencephalic expression domains (C-K′, M-Q′). Shape and size of the telencephalon appears unaltered in emx3MO embryos compared with control embryos, as indicated for example by elavl3 (E-E′; t, telencephalon, outlined by white dotted lines; e, epiphysis; d, diencephalon), and foxg1 (R-R′) expression. Commonly used previous gene names of recently renamed genes are given in parentheses. A-B′, D-D′, G-H′, M-M′: Frontal views, dorsal to the top. C-C′, E-F′, I-L′, N-R′: Side views, dorsal to the top, rostral to the left; eyes removed except in Q-Q′. A-P′, R-R′: At 24 hr, (Q-Q′) 10-somite stage (14 hr). Scale bar = 100 ′m.

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