Hagos et al., 2007 - The role of maternal Activin-like signals in zebrafish embryos. Developmental Biology   309(2):245-258 Full text @ Dev. Biol.
12 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene egr2b early growth response 2b
Gene emx1 empty spiracles homeobox 1
Gene fgf8a fibroblast growth factor 8a
Gene gdf3 growth differentiation factor 3
Gene gsc goosecoid
Gene myod1 myogenic differentiation 1
Gene ndr1 nodal-related 1
Gene ndr2 nodal-related 2
Gene noto notochord homeobox
Gene pax6a paired box 6a
Gene sox17 SRY-box transcription factor 17
Gene tdgf1 teratocarcinoma-derived growth factor 1