Fig. S1

Olsen et al., 2016 - G9a and ZNF644 Physically Associate to Suppress Progenitor Gene Expression during Neurogenesis
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Fig. S1

(A) Quantitative (q)PCR assays monitoring the relative expression level of ZNF644 mRNA from HEK293 cell lines stably expressing the indicated shRNA (n=3). Quantitation represented as mean ± SD. A non-silencing shRNA was used as a control. WISH assays monitoring the expression patterns of (B) znf644a and (C) znf644b. Both znf644a and znf644b are expressed maternally, and display widespread expression through the first 24hpf. At 48hpf expression is decreased, but still present in both anterior structures, and throughout the trunk. At each developmental stage no staining is apparent in sense strand control stained embryos. (D) RT-PCR assay monitoring the expression of znf644a, znf644b or β-actin cells from retinal extracts at the indicated time points.

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Stage Range: 4-cell to Long-pec

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