Fig. 3

Xu et al., 2010 - Setdb2 restricts dorsal organizer territory and regulates left-right asymmetry through suppressing fgf8 activity
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Fig. 3

The expression of asymmetric genes is randomized and cilia development in the Kupffer’s vesicle is disrupted in setdb2-knockdown embryos. (AI) Whole-mount mRNA in situ hybridization and statistical analyses of the expression of asymmetric genes southpaw (AC), pitx2 (DF, arrows), and lefty2 (GI) in the 5-MM control and setdb2 MO2-injected embryos at the indicated developmental stages. L, Left side; R, Right side; C/B, central or bilateral; A, absent. All embryos are dorsal views with head to the top. (J–M) WISH analyses of charon (J and K, arrows) and lrdr1 expression (L and M, arrows) in the 5-MM control and setdb2 MO2-injected embryos. (NQ) Morphology of Kupffer’s vesicle (N and O, arrows) and confocol analyses of ciliary development (P and Q, green) as revealed by immunostaining with anti-acetylated tubulin antibody. The numbers in P and Q denote the mean ± SD. Embryos are ventral views in J, K, N, and O and lateral views in L and M.

Expression Data
Knockdown Reagent:
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Stage Range: 90%-epiboly to 26+ somites

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Stage Range: 5-9 somites to 26+ somites

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