OBO ID: DOID:10283
Term Name: prostate cancer Search Ontology:
  • hereditary prostate cancer
  • malignant tumor of the prostate
  • NGP - new growth of prostate
  • prostate cancer, familial
  • prostate neoplasm
  • prostatic cancer
  • prostatic neoplasm
  • tumor of the prostate
Definition: A male reproductive organ cancer that is located_in the prostate. http://www.cancer.gov/dictionary?CdrID=445079
Ontology: Human Disease   (DOID:10283)
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Human Gene Zebrafish Ortholog OMIM Term OMIM Phenotype ID
AR {Prostate cancer, susceptibility to} 176807
BRCA2 {Prostate cancer} 176807
CDH1 {Prostate cancer, susceptibility to} 176807
CHEK2 {Prostate cancer, familial, susceptibility to} 176807
EHBP1 {Prostate cancer, hereditary, 12} 611868
HOXB13 {Prostate cancer, hereditary, 9} 610997
KLF6 Prostate cancer, somatic 176807
MAD1L1 Prostate cancer, somatic 176807
MXI1 Prostate cancer, somatic 176807
PTEN Prostate cancer, somatic 176807
ZFHX3 Prostate cancer, somatic 176807
MSMB {Prostate cancer, hereditary, 13} 611928
RNASEL Prostate cancer 1 601518
PHENOTYPE No data available