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Fig. 6

High-fat feed increases expression of apolipoproteins in larval gut. (A) Representative images of mRNA expression as observed by ISH of the zebrafish apoA-I, apoB, apoE and apoA-IV genes in 6-dpf nacre-/- larvae. Larvae have either never eaten exogenous food (Unfed), or have been fed a high-fat, 5% chicken egg yolk meal for 4 hours (Fed). ISH was performed in triplicate with n≥5 larvae; no staining was observed in sense probed (supplementary material Figs S1-S4). (B) A high-fat meal increases zebrafish apoA-IVa, apoA-IVb.2, and apoA-IVb.3 mRNA expression in the gut (intestine, liver, pancreas). Real-time PCR quantification of apolipoprotein transcriptional response in the 6-dpf zebrafish gut to 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours of a 10% chicken egg yolk feed (n=3; 10 pooled larval guts per experiment). Groups with the same letter are not significantly different (one-way ANOVA, P<0.05, n=3).

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