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Fig. 6 Expression of thin and thick myofilament genes is downregulated by interference with Lbx2 activity. A-J: Analysis of myofilament gene expression. Expression of acta1 (A), tnnt1 (B), tpma (C), tnnt3b (D), tnnc (E), myhz1 (F), mybpc1 (G), smyhc (H), myhz2 (I), mylz2 (J) in control, lbx2-MO injected, lbx2 mRNA injected, and Engrailed suppresser domain fused lbx2 (EnR-lbx2) mRNA injected embryos. Expression of acta1 (A, ctrl: 28/28, lbx2-MO: 0/33, lbx2-mRNA: 9/10, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 8/8, numerator indicates number of embryos with normal expression, and denominator indicates number of examined embryos), tnnt1 (B, ctrl: 19/19, lbx2-MO: 7/22, lbx2-mRNA: 12/12, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 17/17), tpma (C, ctrl: 16/16, lbx2-MO: 2/20, lbx2-mRNA: 13/14, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 10/11) and tnnt3b (D, ctrl: 13/13, lbx2-MO: 0/7, lbx2-mRNA: 7/7, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 4/4) is reduced by lbx2-MO, but not tnnc (E, ctrl: 17/17, lbx2-MO: 18/22, lbx2-mRNA: 10/10, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 16/16). Expression of myhz1 (F, ctrl: 25/25, lbx2-MO: 3/16, lbx2-mRNA: 7/8, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 8/8), mybpc1 (G, ctrl: 15/15, lbx2-MO: 10/20, lbx2-mRNA: 13/14, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 5/8) and myhz2 (I, ctrl: 17/17, lbx2-MO: 0/5, lbx2-mRNA: 9/9, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 8/8) is reduced by lbx2-MO, but smyhc (H, ctrl: 36/36, lbx2-MO: 24/29, lbx2-mRNA: 8/8, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 12/12) and mylz2 are unaltered (J, ctrl: 15/15, lbx2-MO: 14/15, lbx2-mRNA: 10/10, EnR-lbx2 mRNA: 7/7). No obvious difference can be detected between embryos injected with lbx2 mRNA and embryos injected with EnR-lbx2 mRNA. (A-J) Whole mounts, lateral views, rostral toward the left, dorsal toward the top. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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