Fig. 5

Liu et al., 2022 - Single-cell transcriptome reveals insights into the development and function of the zebrafish ovary
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Fig. 5

Expression and mutational analysis of wnt9b.

(A) Expression plots of wnt4a and wnt9b show that wnt9b is expressed only in follicle cells, in a pattern nearly identical to wnt4a. (B) Schematic of the wnt9b genomic locus. Boxes are exons, UTR sequences are shaded. Arrow indicates approximate location of the 57 bp deletion in the wnt9b(fb207) allele. (C–G) Representative regions of gonads stained for Ddx4 protein (green) to identify germ cells. wnt9b(+/+) ovaries (C) and testis (D). wnt9b(-/-) ovary (E) and testis (F). (G) wnt9b(-/-) gonad that contains mostly germ cells that have characteristics of spermatogenesis, but also has a few stage IB oocytes. (H) Sex ratios of offspring produced from wnt9b(fb207) heterozygous (+/-) parents (n = 384, N = 3, *p=0.016, **p=0.037). Trans., transitioning; IB, Stage IB oocyte; Sc, spermatocyte; Sz, spermatozoa. Scale bar in (C) for (C–G) 50 µm.

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