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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-090220-65
Carreira-Barbosa et al., 2009 - Flamingo regulates epiboly and convergence/extension movements through cell cohesive and signalling functions during zebrafish gastrulation. Development (Cambridge, England)   136(3):383-392 Full text @ Development
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 75%-epiboly to Bud

Fig. 5 Overexpression of a membrane-targeted intracellular domain of Celsr (Lyn-Celsr) causes a convergence extension defect during zebrafish gastrulation. (A-H) Wild-type (WT) embryos (A-D) or wild-type embryos injected with 100 pg RNA encoding Lyn-Celsr (E-H). (A,E) Lateral views of pharyngula stage living WT (A) and Lyn-Fmi-expressing (E) embryos. The Lyn-Fmi-expressing embryo shows a shorter body axis in this case associated with cyclopia. Dorsal views (B,C,F,G) of tail-bud stage wild-type embryos (B,C) and Lyn-Celsr-expressing embryos (F,G). Lateral views of 80% epiboly WT (D) and Lyn-Celsr-expressing (H) embryos. Anterior is upwards and genes analysed are indicated in the bottom right-hand corner. (I-R) Analysis of axial and lateral mesendermal cells using a photo-conversion strategy. Labelled axial mesendermal cells at shield stage (6 hpf) in control (I) and Lyn-Celsr embryos (K) were analysed at tailbud stage (10 hpf) (J,L, respectively). Labelled lateral mesendermal cells at shield stage (6 hpf) in control (M) and Lyn-Celsr embryos (O) were analysed at tailbud stage (10 hpf) (N,P, respectively). Lateral views (I-P). Quantification of anterior migration of axial cells (Q) and dorsal migration of lateral cells (R). Blue, Lyn-Celsr-expressing embryos; red, WT embryos. Means and s.d. are shown. Asterisks indicate statistically significant differences (P<0.05; Student's t-test). Note that Lyn-Celsr-expressing embryos show both convergence and extension defects.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
chrd WT standard conditions 75%-epiboly axis ISH
75%-epiboly presumptive mesoderm ISH
ctslb WT standard conditions Bud axial chorda mesoderm ISH
dlx3b WT standard conditions Bud anterior neural plate ISH
pcdh8 WT standard conditions Bud paraxial mesoderm ISH
tbxta WT standard conditions Bud notochord ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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