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Dal-Pra et al., 2006 - Noggin1 and Follistatin-like2 function redundantly to Chordin to antagonize BMP activity. Developmental Biology   298(2):514-526 Full text @ Dev. Biol.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 1-4 somites to Long-pec

Fig. S5 Expression pattern of follistatin-like 1 during embryonic development. (A, B) Expression of fstl1 starts at the beginning of somitogenesis in adaxial cells (ad), anterior somites and ventral mesenchyme (vm). (C–E) At the 15-somite stage, expression of fstl1 is observed in somites (s) and hindbrain neurons (hn), in ventral mesoderm (vm) as well as in hypochord (hy). At 24 hpf (F–G), expression is observed in tegmentum (tg), cerebellum (ce), hindbrain, floor plate (fp) and hypochord in median fin fold (mff). A weak expression is also observed in somites and in ventral mesenchyme (vm). At 36 hpf (H–L), fstl1 is expressed in tegmentum, cephalic floor plate (cfp) and dorsal part of hypothalamus, in cerebellum, in hindbrain, in a subpopulation of cell of branchial arches (ba), hypochord and median fin fold. At 48 hpf (M–P), fstl1 is expressed in neurocranium (nc), central part of pectoral fins (pf), apical ectodermal ridge of pectoral fins (aer), caudal hypochord and median fin folds. Embryos in dorsal views, anterior to the left in A, B, D, E, J, K and N–P and in lateral views, anterior to the left in C, F–I, L and M.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
fstl1a WT standard conditions 1-4 somites adaxial cell ISH
1-4 somites mesenchyme ISH
1-4 somites somite ISH
14-19 somites hindbrain ISH
14-19 somites hypochord ISH
14-19 somites somite ISH
14-19 somites ventral mesoderm ISH
Prim-5 cerebellum ISH
Prim-5 floor plate ISH
Prim-5 hindbrain ISH
Prim-5 hypochord ISH
Prim-5 median fin fold ISH
Prim-5 somite ISH
Prim-5 tegmentum ISH
Prim-5 ventral mesenchyme ISH
Prim-25 cerebellum ISH
Prim-25 floor plate ISH
Prim-25 hindbrain ISH
Prim-25 hypochord ISH
Prim-25 hypothalamus ISH
Prim-25 median fin fold ISH
Prim-25 pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton ISH
Prim-25 tegmentum ISH
Long-pec fin fold pectoral fin bud ISH
Long-pec hypochord ISH
Long-pec median fin fold ISH
Long-pec neurocranium ISH
Long-pec pectoral fin ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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Reprinted from Developmental Biology, 298(2), Dal-Pra, S., Fürthauer, M., Van-Celst, J., Thisse, B., and Thisse, C., Noggin1 and Follistatin-like2 function redundantly to Chordin to antagonize BMP activity, 514-526, Copyright (2006) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Dev. Biol.