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Mutations and Transgenics: ZFIN Curated Data
Allele Construct Type Affected Genomic Region(s)
b871 Unknown glw
c144 Point Mutation tbx2b
cz65 Point Mutation stil
cz114 Unknown hls
cz201 Unknown psc
cz206 Unknown del
cz237 Unknown orn
cz299 Point Mutation stil
cz329 Unknown mnc
cz346 Unknown sgt
cz376 Unknown ldp
cz384 Unknown cmb
gl4 Unknown tga
gl5 Unknown tag
gl6 Unknown bdo
gl7 Unknown rbr
gl8 Point Mutation mpx
gl9 Unknown mnr
gl10 Point Mutation med12
gl11 Point Mutation zbtb11
gl13 Unknown mtl
gl14 Unknown muscat
gl15 Unknown gmy
gl16 Unknown car
gl17 Unknown tta
gl19 Unknown rod
gl20 Unknown mrv
ru609 Unknown cdh23
s608 Point Mutation aplnrb
zf590 Unknown pgo