Fig. 4

Gu et al., 2015 - A Novel TGFβ Modulator that Uncouples R-Smad/I-Smad-Mediated Negative Feedback from R-Smad/Ligand-Driven Positive Feedback
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Fig. 4

The roles of Ldb2a in the specification of mesendoderm and derivatives depend on Nodal and BMP signalling.

(A–C) SB431542 rescued the increased expression of cyc caused by ldb2a knockdown. (D–F) SB431542 also partially rescued the increase in expression of lateral mesodermal genes, scl and pax2.1, in ldb2a morphants (green and purple arrowheads). The wildtype control refers to uninjected embryos that are stage matched and treated with equal volume of DMSO. (G–I) Co-injection with a bmp4 MO partially rescued the increased scl expression in ldb2a morphants. Embryos co-stained with myoD and krox20 to define the stage and territory. (A–C): three independent experiments (the morphant phenotype of cyc expression was observed from seven independent experiments, whereas the rescue experiments were repeated three times); (D–F): two independent experiments; (G–I): three independent experiments. The wildtype control refers to uninjected embryos that are stage matched.

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Stage Range: Shield to 10-13 somites

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