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Webster et al., 2009 - O-GlcNAc modifications regulate cell survival and epiboly during zebrafish development. BMC Developmental Biology   9:28 Full text @ BMC Dev. Biol.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 75%-epiboly to Prim-5

Fig. 6 Tissues from all three germ layers are reduced in Ogt overexpressing embryos. Analysis of defects in Class I (H-N) and Class II (O-U) Ogt overexpressing embryos, compared to controls (A-G). Embryos at 24 hpf (A-E, H-L, O-S), 8 hpf (F, M, T) and 14 hpf (G, N, U) are shown. emx1 expression in class I (H) and class II (O) embryos is indistinguishable from controls (A). flh expression is slightly expanded in class I (I, arrowhead) and reduced in class II (P, arrowhead) embryos. In class I embryos, pax2.1 expression is normal in the MHB (J, arrowhead), whereas the otic vesicles are often disrupted (J). In class II embryos, pax2.1 expression is disrupted in the MHB (Q, arrowhead) and the otic vesicles are reduced or absent (Q). krox20 expression in rhombomeres 3 and 5 is indistinguishable in class I embryos (K) and controls (D). The rhombomeres are reduced and disrupted in class II embryos (R). α-tropomyosin expression is reduced and disorganized in class I embryos (L) and more severely reduced and disorganized in class II embryos (S). sox17 expression in endodermal precursors and dorsal forerunner cells is reduced in class I embryos (M) and severely reduced or absent in class II embryos (T) (arrowheads mark the forerunner cells). hgg1 is reduced in class I (N) and class II (U) embryos. Anterior to the left in A-E, H-L, O-S, dorsal views in F, M, T, and anterior views in G, N, U. e = eyes.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
ctslb WT control 10-13 somites hatching gland ISH
egr2b WT control Prim-5 rhombomere 3 ISH
Prim-5 rhombomere 5 ISH
emx3 WT control Prim-5 dorsal telencephalon ISH
noto WT control Prim-5 epiphysis ISH
pax2a WT control Prim-5 midbrain hindbrain boundary ISH
Prim-5 otic vesicle ISH
sox17 WT control 75%-epiboly forerunner cell group ISH
tpma WT control Prim-5 somite slow muscle cell ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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