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Figures for Dutta et al., 2008


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Fig. 5 Gain of Notch function increases the number of pomc expressing corticotropes and melanotropes at the expense of lactotropes and thyrotropes. Embryos carrying either the hsp70:Gal4 or the hsp70:Gal4 x UAS:notch1a transgenes were heat shocked at Bud (10 h) stage and analyzed for hormone expression at Protruding mouth (72 h) stage (A–J). In heat-shocked hsp70:Gal4 x UAS:notch1a transgenic embryos, both prl (F, n = 36/36) and tsh-β (I, n = 42/42) are completely lost, pomc expression is expanded in APD, PPD and PI (G, n = 32/32), and cga is expanded (J, n = 15/17). gh expression is unaffected (H, n = 40/40) compared to prl (A, n = 34) and tsh-β (D, n = 32), pomc (B, n = 37), gh (C, n = 30) and cga (E, n = 20) in hsp70:Gal4 embryos following heat shock. Dotted lines indicate outline of anterior pituitary tissue (omitted in panels where pituitary border was ambiguous). (A–J) Ventral views anterior to the top. Scale bar: 15 μm (A–J).

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