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Figures for Dutta et al., 2008


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2 At the 20-somite (19 h) stage, pituitary placode cells express deltaA, deltaB, and deltaD in a salt and pepper pattern. Wild-type embryos are labeled with probes for deltaA (A, E, n = 19), deltaB (B, F, n = 28), and deltaD (C, G, n = 25). (D) Expression of notch1a (blue, n = 20) and prl (red, n = 20) does not colocalize in the pituitary placode at prim-5 stage (24 h). (H) Cells in the pituitary placode co-express pitx3 (red, n = 20) and deltaA (blue, n = 20). (A–H) Arrowheads indicate cells in the pituitary placode, asterisk indicates optic recess. (A–C) Side views, anterior to the left, dorsal to the top; (D–H) frontal views, dorsal to the top. Scale bar: 50 μm (A–C, E–G), 20 μm (D, H).

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