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Publication Data Fish Stage Range Anatomy
Duran et al., 2015 Fig. 3 64-cell to Days 7-13 whole organism
Eames et al., 2012 Fig. 3 Day 6 ceratohyal cartilage chondrocyte, ceratohyal cartilage perichondrium
Fig. 5 Day 6 dentary osteoblast
Fang et al., 2010 Fig. 2 Sphere to Protruding-mouth whole organism
Fig. 3 14-19 somites notochord
Fig. 4 Prim-5 immature eye, notochord
Fig. 5 Long-pec ethmoid cartilage, notochord, otic vesicle, parachordal cartilage (all 5) expand
Fig. 6 Protruding-mouth ceratohyal cartilage, ethmoid cartilage, Meckel's cartilage, notochord (all 7) expand
Fig. S1 1-cell whole organism
Hoffman et al., 2010 Fig. 9 8-cell to Protruding-mouth whole organism
Fig. 10 Prim-15 to Protruding-mouth notochord
Fig. S1 Long-pec to Protruding-mouth ceratohyal cartilage, cranial cartilage, ethmoid cartilage, otic vesicle (all 5) expand
Baas et al., 2009 Fig. 2 1k-cell to Day 5 whole organism
Fig. 3 20-25 somites to Long-pec basihyal cartilage, cartilage element, ceratohyal cartilage, ethmoid cartilage (all 12) expand
Yokoi et al., 2009 Fig. 1 Long-pec chondrocranium cartilage, ethmoid cartilage, opercle, otic vesicle (all 7) expand

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