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Demy et al., 2017 - Trim33 / Tif1-γ is essential for macrophage and neutrophil mobilisation to developmental or inflammatory cues. Journal of Cell Science   130(17):2797-2807 Full text @ J. Cell Sci.
Anatomical Term:
Stage: Prim-25

Fig. S2

Macrophages do not colonize the CNS in monTB222 mutants and Trim33 morphants. (A-B) Csfr1a ISH at 36 hpf shows that the initial primitive macrophage production and spreading in the monTB22 mutant (B) are similar to the sibling (A). (C-D') In vivo images of retinas (C,D) or midbrain (C'-D') of 3 days old Tg(HuC:GFP; mpeg1:Gal4; UAS:NfsB-mCherry) embryos injected (D-D') or not (C,C') with the Trim33 morpholino. Trim33 KO (D,D') causes macrophage depletion in both CNS compartments. (E-G) Lplastin whole-mount immunodetection (combined with DAPI detection of cell nuclei) in monTB222/Tü siblings (E,E') and mutants (F,F') reveals numerous leukocytes (macrophages) in the retinas (E) and midbrain (E') of 3 days old siblings, whereas there are only a few in the mutants. Counting of these cells every 6 hrs from 30 to 66 hpf reveals that monTB222 mutants have less leukocytes in the CNS at all stages. Ctrl, control; Mo, morphant; Mut, mutant; nb, number; Sib, sibling. **, P value <0.01; ***, P value < 0.001.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
csf1ra TU control Prim-25 macrophage ISH
trim33tb222b/tb222b control Prim-25 macrophage ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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