Fig. 5

Huang et al., 2008 - Mypt1-mediated spatial positioning of Bmp2-producing cells is essential for liver organogenesis
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Fig. 5

mypt1 is expressed in the LPM and endoderm cells. (A) Northern blot analysis of mypt1 expression in unfertilized embryos (unf), 12-hpf and 1- to 5-dpf embryos, and adult liver (adl). (B) Lateral and dorsal views of zebrafish embryos subject to WISH using the mypt1 probe. fe, foregut endoderm; hd, head region; sm, somites. (C,D) Sectioning of WISH embryos (34 hpf) with the (C) mypt1 single probe or (D) prox1 (red) and mypt1 (purple) double probe. Black arrow, liver primordium; green arrow, left LPM; yellow arrow, right LPM. nt, neural tube.

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Stage Range: 1-cell to Adult

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