Fig. S1

Huang et al., 2008 - Mypt1-mediated spatial positioning of Bmp2-producing cells is essential for liver organogenesis
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Fig. S1

The sq181 mutation alters a conserved motif in Mypt1. (A) Integrated genetic/physical map summarizing the map-based cloning of the sq181 mutant gene. Genetic markers are shown above with their corresponding number of recombinants shown below. The mutant gene was located between SNP24 and SNP41 spanning a 45 kb genomic fragment contained in two BACs, DKEY-66D18 and DKEY-28J4. m (red), sq181 mutation locus. (B,C) Sequence traces (B) showing the G-to-A change (yellow) in the mypt1 gene in the sq181 mutant that results in a GTG codon to ATG codon change (underlined in gray) converting V36 to M in the conserved KV36xF motif in Mypt1 (underlined in green in C). (D) The liverless phenotype of the sq181 mutant (mu) was fully or partially rescued by the WT mypt1 mRNA but not by the G-to-A mutant mRNA (mypt1m). Embryos 3 days post-injection were examined with the lfabp probe.

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