Fig. 7

Huang et al., 2008 - Mypt1-mediated spatial positioning of Bmp2-producing cells is essential for liver organogenesis
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Fig. 7

The mypt1sq181 mutation causes the liverless phenotype non-cell-autonomously and ectopic Bmp2 expression rescues liver development in the mutant. (A-C) A confocal section of the liver in a wild-type zebrafish embryo transplanted with mypt1sq181 donor cells at 72 hpf. The liver is stained with the lfabp probe (A) and the donor cells were labeled with Fluorescein-dextran (B). A and B are superimposed in C. FD-donor, Fluorescein-dextran-labeled cells. (D) mypt1-MO morphant control. (E,F) mypt1-MO morphants were transplanted with wild-type mesoderm cells (labeled with biotin-dextran). At 72 hpf, the liver was stained with the lfabp probe (E, arrow) and wild-type donor cells were visualized using the biotin tag (F). BD-donor, biotin-dextran-labeled cells. (G) mypt1sq181 mutant embryos 72 hours after injection of bmp2a mRNA, stained with the lfabp probe. wt, wild type; mu, mutant.

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