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Garaffo et al., 2015 - The Dlx5 and Foxg1 transcription factors, linked via miRNA-9 and -200, are required for the development of the olfactory and GnRH system. Molecular and cellular neurosciences   68:103-19 Full text @ Mol. Cell Neurosci.
23 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene dlx5a distal-less homeobox 5a
Gene foxg1a forkhead box G1a
Gene foxg1b forkhead box G1b
Gene foxg1c forkhead box G1c
Gene hoxa10b homeobox A10b
Gene hoxb7a homeobox B7a
miRNA Gene mir9-1 microRNA 9-1
miRNA Gene mir9-2 microRNA 9-2
miRNA Gene mir9-3 microRNA 9-3
miRNA Gene mir9-4 microRNA 9-4
miRNA Gene mir9-5 microRNA 9-5
miRNA Gene mir9-6 microRNA 9-6
miRNA Gene mir9-7 microRNA 9-7
miRNA Gene mir141 microRNA 141
miRNA Gene mir200a microRNA 200a
miRNA Gene mir200b microRNA 200b
miRNA Gene mir200c microRNA 200c
miRNA Gene mir429 microRNA 429
Gene neurog1 neurogenin 1
Gene ompa olfactory marker protein a
Gene ompb olfactory marker protein b
Gene s100b S100 calcium binding protein, beta (neural)
Gene trpc2b transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily C member 2b