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Figures for Hutchinson et al., 2012


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Fig. 3 tbl3MO phenocopies theceymutant. The tbl3 gene is 2694 base pairs and 25 exons long (A). Black boxes represent exons and lines joining boxes are introns. Lines with hash marks indicate introns of unknown length. Red lines above exons represent the location of the MO sequence used in this study. Blue lines represent WD repeats. Orange line represents UTP13 domain (A). SB MO is directed against the splice donor site at the 3′ end of exon 5 (A). Injection of MOs designed against the tbl3 gene results in a phenocopy of the cey mutant phenotype at 4 dpf. tbl3 morphant 4 dpf larvae have malformed jaws (black arrows), small eyes (white arrows; B, C) and a reduction of T cells labeled by p56lck (D, E) as compared to uninjected controls. HSPCs labeled by c-myb (F, I), intestinal cells labeled by ifabp (G, J), and exocrine pancreas labeled by trypsin (H, K) are all severely reduced as compared to controls and similar to cey mutants (Fig. 1). Images of larvae labeled with trypsin are pictures of the right side of the embryo reflected so that anterior is to the right (H, K, N). Injection of the tbl3MO into p53-/- mutants resulted in similar phenotypes (L–N) as compared to injection of tbl3MO into wild-type (I–K). Scale bars are 130μm. (For interpretation of the references to color in this figure legend, the reader is referred to the web version of this article.)

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