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Miles et al., 2017 - Mis-expression of grainyhead-like transcription factors in zebrafish leads to defects in enveloping layer (EVL) integrity, cellular morphogenesis and axial extension. Scientific Reports   7:17607 Full text @ Sci. Rep.
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Stage: Prim-5

Fig. 3

EVL cell size and identity is aberrant in MO:grhl3 and MO:arhgef19 injected zebrafish. (ag) Rhodamine-phalloidin staining of F-actin in 24 hpf embryos injected with either MO:grhl3 + MO:arhgef19 MO:control (a,b) or MO:control (d,e) shows that periderm cells with abrogated grhl3/arhgef19 signalling are larger (boxed region in b,e). Morphometric quantitation of cell size using FiJi software (c,f) shows significant disparity in cell size in MO:grhl3 + MO: arhgef19 injected embryos (as well as singly-injected MO:grhl3 and MO: arhgef19 embryos), relative to controls (G). (ho) The basal keratinocyte marker fibronectin (i) is ectopically expressed in EVL cells surrounding the MHB in MO:grhl3-injected embryos (merged image; j). Conversely, EVL cells (k) do not express fibronectin (l) in MO:control fish (merged image, m). Digital cross-section confirms that several dorso-ventral layers of fibronectin positive cells are present in MO:grhl3-injected fish (n), whereas fibronectin positive cells are distributed within a single, one-cell thick layer MO:control injected fish (o).

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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
TU + MO1-arhgef19 standard conditions Prim-5 periderm cell increased size, abnormal
TU + MO1-arhgef19 + MO2-grhl3 standard conditions Prim-5 periderm cell increased size, exacerbated
TU + MO2-grhl3 standard conditions Prim-5 periderm cell increased size, abnormal
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