Fig. S2

Qiu et al., 2016 - Embryonic hematopoiesis in vertebrate somites gives rise to definitive hematopoietic stem cells
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Fig. S2

GFP expression pattern in Tg(rbfox1l:gfp) transgenic line. (A) Confocal image showing GFP expression in somites of a Tg(rbfox1l:gfp) transgenic embryo at 22s stage. (B) The expression pattern of endogenous rbfox1l in wild-type embryo at 28 hpf, revealed by in situ hybridization. (C-C′′) GFP expression in somites of a transgenic embryo at 28 hpf (C). The enlarged trunk region (C′) and an optical cross section (C′′) were shown. (D) GFP+ circulating hematopoietic cells (indicated by an arrow) in the heart were observed by confocal microscopy at 36 hpf. (E) Flow cytometry result showing the existence of GFP+ blood cells in the embryonic circulation. Embryonic blood cells were sucked from the hearts of 5-10 embryos. A representative result was shown with the average (Av) from 3 independent experiments in parenthesis.

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Stage Range: 20-25 somites to Prim-25

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