Fig. 4

Varga et al., 2001 - Zebrafish smoothened functions in ventral neural tube specification and axon tract formation
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Fig. 4

smoothened is expressed both maternally and zygotically. (A) Maternal smoothened mRNA present at four-cell stage. (B,C) smoothened mRNA present throughout the embryo at shield (B) and 60% epiboly (C). (D) smoothened expression was downregulated in the non-neural ectoderm at tailbud stage. (E,F) smoothened was expressed at higher levels in the head than the rest of the body at 18- somites (E) and 24 h (F). (G) By 2 d, smoothened expression in the head was confined to dorsal brain nuclei and jaw cartilages. (H,I) At 2 d, smoothened was also expressed in the pectoral fin of wild-type (H) and smub641 mutant (I) embryos. (A,B,D) Animal pole views. (B,D) Anterior is towards the top. (C,E-I) Side views, dorsal towards the top, anterior towards the left. Scale bar: 200 μm in A-E; 250 μm in F; 115 μm in G; 90 μm in H,I.

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Stage Range: 4-cell to Long-pec

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Stage: Long-pec

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