Fig. 1

Varga et al., 2001 - Zebrafish smoothened functions in ventral neural tube specification and axon tract formation
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Fig. 1

The smu mutant phenotype is due to mutations in smoothened. (A) 24 h wild type (top); 24 h smub641 mutant (bottom). (B) In smub641 mutants (bottom), floor plate was poorly differentiated, somites lacked a horizontal myoseptum and were U-shaped compared with wild type (top). (A,B) Side views, dorsal is towards top, anterior is towards left. Scale bar: 300 μm in A; 50 μm in B. (C) Phylogenetic analysis. Statistical robustness was estimated by bootstrap, numbers indicate the percent of times each node was obtained. Danio rerio (Dre), Drosophila melanogaster (Dme, P91682), Homo sapiens (Hsa, NP_005622), Gallus gallus (Gga, O42224), Mus musculus (Mmu, P56726) and Rattus norvegicus (Rno, NP_036939). (D) Syntenic relationships. Conserved syntenies to Hsa 7q32.3 indicate that smoothened is a zebrafish ortholog of mammalian smoothened. (E) Mapping. Diagram of LG4 showing positions of smoothened (smoh) gene and smu mutations. (F) Model of protein encoded by smoothened. The red (smub641) and green (smub577) dots indicate amino acids altered in the two alleles. A seven-pass transmembrane protein is the predicted structure of zebrafish Smoothened (TMHMM1.0 software, Center Biol. Sequence Analysis, Department Biotech., Tech. University of Denmark). (G) Mutations. Point mutations in smub641 (red) and smub577 (green).

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