Fig. 6

Varga et al., 2001 - Zebrafish smoothened functions in ventral neural tube specification and axon tract formation
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Fig. 6

Hh signaling patterns the midline of the anterior neural plate. (A,B) expression of zic1 at tailbud stage in wild-type (A) and smub641 mutant (B) embryos. (C,D) expression of foxb1.2 at tailbud stage in wild-type (C) and smub641 mutant (D) embryos. Arrows indicate location of hypothalamic precursors demarcated by foxb1.2. (E, F) Head morphology of wild-type (E) and smub641 mutant (F) embryos. In 48 h smu mutants, the hypothalamus was reduced in size, consistent with reduced foxb1.2 expression in neural plate precursors and subsequent progressive loss of hypothalamic tissue. (A-D) Dorsal views of prospective head region, anterior towards top. (E,F) Ventral views, anterior towards top. Scale bar: 200 μm in A-D; 135 μm in E,F.

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