Fig. 5

Avaron et al., 2006 - Characterization of two new zebrafish members of the hedgehog family: Atypical expression of a zebrafish indian hedgehog gene in skeletal elements of both endochondral and dermal origins
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Fig. 5

ihhb, ptc1, and ptc2 expression in 6dpf larvae. A-G: In situ hybridizations conducted on transverse sections of 6dpf zebrafish larvae submitted to ISH using a ihhb (A-C), ptc2 (D), or ptc1 (E,F) probes. A-C: ihhb expression is detected in ceratohyal (ch in A), parachordal (pc in B), and branchial arches (1ba in C) chondrocytes, and is similar to ihha. D,F: The pan-hedgehog receptors ptc1 and ptc2 (red arrows) are expressed in the periphery of chondrocytes of several cartilaginous structures, which express ihha or ihhb. In the parachordal cartilage (pc in F), ptc1 expressing cells co-localize with hypertrophic chondrocytes, which also express ihha (Fig. 4M), col10a1 (Fig 4N), and ihhb (B). 1ba, First branchial arch; bs, basibranchial; ch, ceratohyal; hb, hindbrain; g, gut; n, notochord; pc, parachordal cartilage; pq, palatoquadrate.

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