Fig. 5

Kim et al., 2014 - Developmental roles of D-bifunctional protein-A zebrafish model of peroxisome dysfunction
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Fig. 5

Knockdown of dbp affects expression of genes involved in peroxisome functions and mitochondrial biogenesis. (A-F) Quantitative RT-PCR was used to assay expression of genes involved in ether phospholipid synthesis: gnpat1 (A) and agps(B), a gene in peroxisomal protein import: pex5 (C),and genes in mitochondrial biogenesis: pgc1a (D), pparab (E) and esrra (F). dbp knockdown altered the expression of genes in involved in ether phospholipid synthesis starting at 1 dpf (A-B) and that of genesin peroxisomal protein transport or mitochondrial biogenesis at 2 dpf. * indicates statistical significance (p < 0.05) between control and dbp MO samples. (G) DBP is functionallyconserved between mice and zebrafish. Rescue experiment was performed by co-injecting murine Dbp mRNA together with dbp MO. Embryos belonging to each category of phenotypic severity shown in the right were counted from three independent experiments and presented as percentage of total injected embryos.

Expression Data
Knockdown Reagent:
Anatomical Term:
Stage Range: Prim-5 to Protruding-mouth

Expression Detail
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Phenotype Data
Knockdown Reagent:
Observed In:
Stage Range: Prim-5 to Protruding-mouth

Phenotype Detail
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