Fig. 4

Kim et al., 2014 - Developmental roles of D-bifunctional protein-A zebrafish model of peroxisome dysfunction
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Fig. 4

dbp knockdown affects development of blood, blood vessels and digestive organs. Embryos carrying different transgenes were used to determine tissue-specific effects upon dbp knockdown. (A-D) dbp knockdown affects red blood cell development and blood vessel patterning. Upon dbp knockdown, blood cells were severely reduced [shown by gata1:RFP transgenic line, (A) and (B)] and blood vessels were formed abnormally [shown by fli1:EGFP, (C) and (D)]. (E-H) dbp knockdown on doubly transgenic fish line (lfabp: DSRED in liver and elastase:GFP in pancreas) shows significantly reduced liver size (F) and absence of pancreas (H). Representative embryos at 3 dpf are shown in lateral view with anterior to the left, except (G) and (H) where presented in lateral view with anterior to the right.

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