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Mei et al., 2009 - hnRNP I is required to generate the Ca2+ signal that causes egg activation in zebrafish. Development (Cambridge, England)   136(17):3007-3017 Full text @ Development
Anatomical Term:
Stage Range: Sphere to 50%-epiboly
Observed In:
Stage: 50%-epiboly

Fig. 5 Dorsal axis disruption in brom bones mutant embryos. (A-F) Dorsal gene expression is reduced and ventral gene expression is expanded in brom bones mutant zebrafish embryos, as revealed by whole-mount in situ hybridization. Compared with wild type (A), chordin is variably reduced at 50% epiboly in brom bones mutants (B): 24% showed moderately reduced (B), 24% showed strongly reduced (B′), 25% had absent and 27% had normal (data not shown) chordin expression (n=59). Arrows mark lateral extent of expression. (C-D′) Compared with wild type (C), gata2 showed variable expansion in ventral tissue (denoted by brackets) in brom bones mutants at 50% epiboly: 25% showed partial expansion (D), 39% showed complete expansion (D′) and 36% had normal (data not shown) gata2 expression (n=51). squint expression marks the future dorsal side at midblastula stages in wild-type embryos (E, arrows), but was absent (F, arrows; 29%), severely reduced (38%) or normal (33%, data not shown) in brom bones mutant embryos (n=45). (G,H) β-catenin protein is present in the nuclei (arrows) and at the plasma membrane in wild-type embryos (G), but was only present at the plasma membrane of brom bones mutant embryos (H, 29%, n=52). The remaining mutant embryos showed either a reduced (42%) or normal (29%) domain of nuclear-localized β-catenin (data not shown). (I) Western blot of 1-cell-stage lysates shows that β-catenin protein abundance was not affected in brom bones mutants. β-tubulin is a loading control. d, dorsal; v, ventral.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
chrd WT standard conditions 50%-epiboly unspecified ISH
ptbp1ap50ada standard conditions 50%-epiboly unspecified ISH
gata2a WT standard conditions 50%-epiboly unspecified ISH
ptbp1ap50ada standard conditions 50%-epiboly unspecified ISH
ndr1 WT standard conditions Sphere unspecified ISH
ptbp1ap50ada standard conditions Sphere unspecified ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
ptbp1ap50ada standard conditions 50%-epiboly whole organism wholly ventralized, abnormal
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