ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-150413-1
The Wang Laboratory
PI/Director: Wang, Han
Co-PI / Senior
Liu, Chao
Sun, Yi
Zhong, Yingbin
Contact Person: Hu, Yingying
Email: huyingying860817@163.com
Address: Center for Circadian Clocks Soochow University 199 Renai Road Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215123 China
Country: China
Phone: 86 512 65881257
Fax: 86 512 65882115
Line Designation: sus

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Most organisms display daily changes at molecular, cellular, physiological, and behavioral levels, which are known as circadian rhythms. The circadian clock controls fundamental life processes such as the human sleep-wake cycle. Many human sleep disorders and dysrhythmias are thought to result from circadian defects. A full molecular genetic understanding of circadian rhythmicity is critical for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human dysrhythmias. We study molecular genetic mechanisms underlying zebrafish circadian rhythmicity. Using TALEN and CRISPR-Cas9 techniques, we have generated a number of mutants for zebrafish circadian clock genes. The roles of these circadian clock genes in the circadian system and life processes are investigated.

We also used zebrafish to study a group of human diseases called porphyria, derived from defective enzymes in heme biosynthesis. We have established several zebrafish models for human porphyria. We are interested in studying novel aspects of porphyria pathogenesis.

Liu, Taole Post-Doc Wang, Mingyong Post-Doc Deng, Bo Graduate Student
He, Wei Graduate Student Huang, Guodong Graduate Student Liu, Huazhen Graduate Student
Niu, Pengfei Graduate Student Niu, Zhijie Graduate Student Wang, Jingjing Graduate Student
Wang, Tuoyi Graduate Student Xu, Shuhao Graduate Student Yang, Fan Graduate Student
Ye, Qiang Graduate Student Yuan, Shiyu Graduate Student Zhang, Fanmiao Graduate Student
Zhang, Jiguang Graduate Student Zhang, Shuqing Graduate Student Zhang, Wei Graduate Student
Hu, Jia Technical Staff Zhong, Zhaomin Technical Staff Hu, Yingying Administrative Staff
Huang, Jian Ji, Cheng

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