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Figures for Neal et al., 2013



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Fig. 3 CagA activates canonical Wnt signaling in the intestinal epithelium. (A–C) Quantitative RT-PCR data showing relative expression levels of the Wnt target genes mycA (A), cyclinD1 (B) and axin2 (C). Expression levels were assayed in dissected adult intestines and normalized to SDHA and β-actin; bars indicate mean ± s.d. of biological triplicates. (D–G) Immunofluorescence micrographs showing proliferating cells (EdU, green, 10-hour label) and cells with nuclear and cytoplasmic accumulation of β-catenin (red staining and white arrowheads) in intestinal cross-sections of wild-type (D), b-cagA (E), axin1tm213 (F) and b-cagA; axin1tm213 (G) animals at 6 dpf. (H) Quantification of proliferating (EdU+) cells. (I) Quantification of cells with nuclear and cytoplasmic accumulation of β-catenin.

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