Fig. S1

Thomas-Jinu et al., 2017 - Non-nuclear Pool of Splicing Factor SFPQ Regulates Axonal Transcripts Required for Normal Motor Development
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Fig. S1

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a. Temporal phenotypic progression in sfpq mutant Lateral view of live WT siblings and sfpq mutant with anterior to the left at various developmental stages: 28hpf (n=31), 30hpf (n=47), 38hpf (n=21), 48hpf (n=19), 52hpf (n=41) and 58hpf (n=71), with 25% of the total (n) are homozygous mutants . Scale bar=100μm.

b. Normal overall brain patterning and induction of MHB in sfpq mutant Lateral view of zebrafish brain (a-l) and spinal cord (m,n,q,r) with anterior to the left. Normal induction of MHB (black arrowhead) is observed in sfpq mutants with normal expression of pax2.1 and fgf8 at the MHB at 15ss (n=55; n=62). Expression of fgf8 and foxb1.2 in the MHB (white arrowhead) is greatly reduced in the sfpq mutants ( n=10/40; n=5/21) by end of somitogenesis. No difference in the pattern of netrin1 and lhx5 expression was detected (n=9/36; n=6/25).

c. Wnt signaling in the sfpq mutant The axin2 and topd gfp expression was normal in the spinal cord and brain except for its expression (white arrow) in the hypothalamus of WT siblings that is absent in the sfpq-/- embryos (n=11/42; n=7/35) showing the absence of Wnt activity in the region. Scale bar=100μm.

c. Rescue of mutant phentotpye with sfpq RNA injection Dorsal view (a-d) of zebrafish brain at 30hpf and lateral view (e-h) of zebrafish spinal cord at 32hpf with anterior to the left. The embryos from both the sfpq;Tg(isl1:gfp) incross (n=51) and the sfpq;Tg(mnx1:gfp) incross (n=76) injected with sfpq mRNA appeared almost normal compared to its control WT siblings with the rescue of axonogenesis defect and the kinky tail that is observed in the non-injected sfpq mutants. Scale bar=100μm.

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Stage Range: Prim-5 to Prim-15

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Stage Range: Prim-5 to Long-pec

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