Fig. S2

Nakao et al., 2012 - The role of mislocalized phototransduction in photoreceptor cell death of retinitis pigmentosa
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Fig. S2

Cones are not decreased in ovl at 4 dpf. (A and B) Sections of eyes from wt (A) and ovl (B) fish at 108 hpf. R/G cone photoreceptors were visualized with zpr1 (red), rod photoreceptors are visualized with EGFP (green) and nuclei with Hoechst33342 (blue). (Bar = 100 μm.) There were no significant changes. (C) The number of R/G cone photoreceptors in wt (black dots) and ovl fish (red dots) at 4 dpf. wild type, average = 72.6; ovl, average = 69.1; p = 0.235. Bars mean SD.

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