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ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-100723-26
Khatib et al., 2010 - Zebrafish ProVEGF-C Expression, Proteolytic Processing and Inhibitory Effect of Unprocessed ProVEGF-C during Fin Regeneration. PLoS One   5(7):e11438 Full text @ PLoS One
Anatomical Terms:
Stage: Adult

Fig. 5 Expression of VEGF-C during fin regeneration.

Adult zebrafish were anesthetized in tricaine and fins were cut using razor blades. (A) Total RNA was isolated from fins (15–20 fins per time point) with uncut fin as control (0 dpa) and analyzed by real-time PCR using specific primers for zebrafish VEGF-C or β-actin. Results are shown in the bar graph and are expressed as the ratio of the indicated transcripts relative to control (0 dpa). Results are shown as means ± S.E. of three experiments performed in triplicate. (B) Expression patterns of VEGF-C at 3 dpa were analyzed by immunofluorescence with an anti-VEGF-C (red signal) using fli-EGFP transgenic zebra fish that allows the visualisation of endothelial cells (EC) (green signal). The expression of VEGF-C was mainly localized to the apical growth zone of the regenerating fin (red signal, 25x objective).

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
EGFP y1Tg physical alteration: anatomical structure Adult endothelial cell IFL
vegfc WT control Adult fin RTPCR
WT physical alteration: anatomical structure Adult regenerating fin RTPCR
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab1-vegfc IHC y1Tg physical alteration: anatomical structure Adult blastema
Phenotype Details No data available
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