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Spoorendonk et al., 2008 - Retinoic acid and Cyp26b1 are critical regulators of osteogenesis in the axial skeleton. Development (Cambridge, England)   135(22):3765-3774 Full text @ Development
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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 4

Fig. 3 cyp26b1 is expressed in zebrafish osteoblasts. (A-C) cyp26b1 expression in zebrafish. (A) Early cyp26b1 expression in zebrafish is found in the hindbrain, branchial arches, pectoral fins and the cleithrum (arrows). (B) At 6 dpf, cyp26b1 expression is seen in a segmented pattern around the notochord. A mutant embryo is shown, as cyp26b1 mRNA levels are higher in mutants than wild-type embryos. (C,D) Vibratome transverse sections (4 dpf, 100 μm) showing cyp26b1 expression (C) surrounding the notochord (no) and in the neural tube (nt), and expression of the sclerotome marker twist in cells juxtaposed to the notochord (D), similar to cyp26b1 expression. (E) Bright-field view of an embryonic trunk with arrows indicating the cleithrum. (F-K) Co-localization of cyp26b1:YFP and osx:mCherry in osteoblasts of the cleithrum. (F) Cleithrum cells are labelled in Tg(osx:mCherry) embryos. (G,H) Transient expression of cyp26b1:YFP in cells of the cleithrum at 4 dpf, with projection in H demonstrating colocalization of both genes in the same cells. (I-K) Single confocal scans of a part of the projections shown in F-H. Anterior is towards the left, except where stated otherwise.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
cyp26b1 WT standard conditions Protruding-mouth cleithrum ISH
Protruding-mouth hindbrain ISH
Protruding-mouth pectoral fin ISH
Protruding-mouth pharyngeal arch 3-7 ISH
Day 4 osteoblast ISH
Day 4 vertebral column ISH
mCherry zf131Tg control Day 4 cleithrum osteoblast IFL
twist2 WT standard conditions Day 4 vertebral column ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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