Fig. S4

Kimura et al., 2008 - V2a and V2b neurons are generated by the final divisions of pair-producing progenitors in the zebrafish spinal cord
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Fig. S4

deltaC expression is upregulated in V2a neurons. Triple staining of deltaC mRNA (green), vsx1 mRNA (red) and GFP protein (white) in a Tgvsx1:GFP embryo at 19 hpf. The top panel shows a merged image of the three signals. The second panel from the top shows a merged image of the green and red channels. deltaC mRNA expression is present in p2 intermediate progenitors (arrowheads). In pairs of vsx1-GFP cells, strong deltaC expression is seen in only one of the cells (arrows). These cells also express vsx1. Thus, in a pair of vsx1-GFP cells, deltaC is likely to be upregulated in a cell that will ultimately differentiate into a V2a neuron.

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Stage: 20-25 somites

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