Fig. 3

Schweitzer et al., 2005 - Expression of collapsin response mediator proteins in the nervous system of embryonic zebrafish
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Fig. 3

Expression of CRMP mRNAs at 16 hpf. Side views of heads (A–F) or tails (G–L) of whole-mounted embryos with the yolk sac removed are shown (rostral is left, dorsal is up). Probes used are indicated in the individual panels. (A–F) In the head, different CNS regions express CRMP-2, -3, -4 and -5a mRNAs. Presumptive structures showing an in situ hybridization signal are indicated (t=telencephalon, ntpoc=nucleus of the post-optic commissure, epi=epiphysis, npc=area close to the nucleus of the posterior commissure, nmlf=nucleus of the medial longitudinal fascicle, tg=trigeminal ganglion, hb=clusters of cells in the hindbrain). (G–L) In the tail region, expression of CRMP-2, -3, -4 and -5a mRNAs is found in the spinal cord. CRMP-2 and -3 mRNAs are prominently expressed in dorsally located neurons (arrowheads in H,I). Expression of CRMP-4 and -5a mRNAs extends to the caudal tip of the spinal cord (arrowheads in J,K), but labeling intensity is higher towards the rostral, more mature spinal cord (arrows in J,K). CRMP-1 and -5b mRNAs are not detectable at 16 hpf. Scale bar in L=100 μm for A–L.

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Stage: 14-19 somites

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Reprinted from Gene expression patterns : GEP, 5(6), Schweitzer, J., Becker, C.G., Schachner, M., and Becker, T., Expression of collapsin response mediator proteins in the nervous system of embryonic zebrafish, 809-816, Copyright (2005) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Gene Expr. Patterns