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Publication Data Fish Stage Range Anatomy
Danilova et al., 2011 Fig. 3 Long-pec whole organism
Danilova et al., 2008 Fig. 4 14-19 somites to Day 4 whole organism
Nowak et al., 2005 text only Prim-5 to Long-pec pharyngeal endoderm, pharyngeal epithelium, pronephric duct, telencephalon
Thisse et al., 2005 Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3 14-19 somites endoderm
Fig. 4 20-25 somites to Prim-5 pharyngeal arch, telencephalon
Fig. 5 Prim-15 to Prim-25 pharyngeal arch, telencephalon
Fig. 6 High-pec to Long-pec pharyngeal arch, telencephalon
Satoh et al., 2004 Fig. 1 1k-cell to Adult brain, eye, gill, integument (all 8) expand
text only 1-cell to High-pec brain, olfactory placode, peripheral olfactory organ, pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton
Pan et al., 2003 Fig. 2 Adult brain, fin, integument, ovary (all 5) expand
Fig. 3 1k-cell to Day 5 whole organism
Fig. 4 4-cell to Long-pec cerebellum, diencephalon, hindbrain, midbrain (all 10) expand
Fig. 5 Adult granulosa cell layer, hypothalamus, olfactory bulb, optic tectum (all 9) expand
text only 4-cell to Adult unspecified
Rentzsch et al., 2003 Fig. 4 Prim-5 to Long-pec pronephric duct, slow muscle cell
Fig. 3 Prim-5 to Prim-25 pharyngeal pouch, unspecified
Fig. 6 Prim-5 unspecified
Fig. 1 75%-epiboly to Protruding-mouth unspecified
Fig. 2 20-25 somites to Day 5 diencephalon, olfactory epithelium, olfactory pit, olfactory rosette (all 6) expand

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