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Figures for van der Velden et al., 2013


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Fig. 4 Cranial neural crest cells migrate into the pharyngeal arches of ring1b mutants.

Dorsal (A–H) and lateral (A′–H′) views of WT and ring1b mutants at 32 hpf stained with the indicated genes. Pre-chondrogenic gene expression in CNCs is largely unaffected in ring1b mutants. Dlx2a is expressed at normal levels in the pharyngeal arches of ring1b mutants (A–B′). Separation of dlx2a-positive CNCs into distinct groups of cells that populate the posterior arches is slightly affected in ring1b mutants A–B′). Hand2 expression in the ring1b pharyngeal arches is identical to that of WT siblings (C–D′). Hoxa3a expression is reduced in the ring1b posterior pharyngeal arches (E–F′). Expression of the pharyngeal pouch marker cyp26a1 is severely reduced in ring1b mutants (G–H′).

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