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Figures for Batista et al., 2008



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Fig. S6 Lateral views of wild-type (WT; A, B and D) triple-knock-down (TKD; C and E) and Tg(pax2a:GFP) (F) trunks at 24 h. Rostal is left, dorsal is top. (A) Pax2 (green), eng1b (red). (B–E) Double in situ hybridisation for eng1b (green) and neurotransmitter markers (red). (F) Pax2 (red), GFP (green). The pictures in this figure are the same as in Fig. 2 in the main paper — but this supplementary data figure also shows single channel images for each result (and panel F in this figure was panel I in Fig. 4 in the main paper). Stars in merged images indicate double labelled cells. Scale bar = 50 μm.

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