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Fig. S4 Analyses of relationships between cdx1b and components of Nodal signaling. A slightly increased expression area of cdx1b in the intestines was detected in a 48-hpf squintcz35 mutant embryo (n=9) (B) when compared with a sibling wild-type embryo (A). However, a subsequent semiquantitative RT-PCR revealed no significant differences when comparing cdx1b expression levels in 48-hpf squintcz35 homozygous mutants with their sibling wild-type or AB wild-type embryos. No differences in cdx1b expression was observed in 48-hpf cycb16 (n=7) (D) and 4-6s oepm134 mutants (n=26) (F) compared with sibling wild-type embryos (C,E). Respective expression levels of cyclops (n=54) and oep (n=54) in 85% epiboly cdx1b morphants (H,J) were not altered compared with wild-type embryos (G,I). Similar expression levels of sqt (n=172) and bon (n=91) were detected in 30% (L) and 40% (N) G,I). Similar expression levepiboly morphants when compared with respective wild-type embryos (K,M

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