Figures for Croushore et al., 2005


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Fig. 6 Effect of ptena-MO1 morpholino on zebrafish inner ear development. All panels are lateral views of the otic vesicle with anterior to the left. A: Twenty-four hpf, wild type embryo. B-D: Twenty-four hpf, ptena morphants. E: Forty-eight hpf, wild type embryo. F: Forty-eight hpf, ptena morphant. G: Four dpf, wild type embryo. H-J: Four dpf, ptena morphants. K-T: Forty-eight hpf, in situ hybridization using ear-specific markers. K: pax2a, wild type embryo. L: pax2a, ptena morphant. M: otx1, wild type embryo. N: otx1, ptena morphant. O: starmaker, wild type embryo. P: starmaker, ptena morphant. Q: dfna5, wild type embryo. R: dfna5, ptena morphant. S: ncs-1a, wild type embryo. T: ncs1-a, ptena morphant. Scale bars in A-J = 25 μm. Arrowhead indicates site where epithelial pillars fail to fuse. Arrows point to abnormal tissue masses.

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