Figure 3

Shi et al., 2023 - Deletion of the chd7 Hinders Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Development and Myelination in Zebrafish
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Figure 3

Knockout of chd7 caused developmental behavioral defects. (a,b) The line illustrates the 6 dpf zebrafish larvae’s swimming trajectory differences from the WT and chd7−/− groups evaluated over 1 h. ** p = 0.0021, unpaired Student’s two-tailed t-test. (c) Real-time Q-PCR results of motor neuron marker genes isl1 (*** p = 0.0007) and isl2a (*** p = 0.001). Data were shown as mean ± sem. unpaired Student’s two-tailed t-test. (d) Representative morphological image of embryos and analysis of malformation rate from the WT and chd7−/− groups at 3 dpf. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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Stage: Day 6

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 6

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