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Singh et al., 2020 - The protective effects of human milk derived peptides on the pancreatic islet biology. Biology Open   9(8) Full text @ Biol. Open
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Stage: Day 6

Fig. 3.

WISH analysis of the opioid nature of the β-casomorphins. (A) WT zebrafish embryos were pre-treated with 10 μM naloxone for 2 h to block the μ-opioid receptors and exposed to naloxone and 50 µg/ml of bBCM-5, bBCM-7, hBCM-5 and hBCM-7 every 24 h from 3–6 dpf. (Black arrowheads represent the insulin domain of expression). (B) Statistical analysis of the insulin domain of expression using Student's t-test. Fold change (compared to untreated control zebrafish embryos) shows insulin domain of expression significantly decreased following bBCM-5, -7 exposure and significantly increased following hBCM-5, -7 exposure. WT embryos treated with µ-opioid receptor antagonist, naloxone and bBCM-5, -7 and hBCM-5, -7 showed no changes in the insulin domain of expression compared to untreated controls. Data represent mean±s.e.m.; *P<0.05, **P<0.005; Student's t-test. (n=20).

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
ins WT chemical treatment by environment: naloxone, chemical treatment by environment: beta-casomorphin-7 (human) Day 6 pancreas ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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